FCW 182

Special flux cored nickel base wire for gas shielded arc welding

Beschrijvingen & toepassingen

· Special flux cored nickel base wire for gas shielded arc welding

· Latest generation basic slag quality guarantees optimum metallurgical quality and attractive welder appeal

· Meets the NiCrFe-3 requirements

· Together with enhanced productivity, FCW 182 offers many other advantages compared to solid wires : enhanced wetting properties, increased resistance to cracking, better bead aspect and shape, use of classical M21 gas mixtures

· Maximum performances in the horizontal and downhand positions


· FCW 182 is suitable for welding and cladding nickel-based alloys such as alloy 600 or similar materials.

· It is also used for dissimilar welding of most nickel-based alloys to each other, to alloyed steels, or to stainless steels.

· It is a first choice consumable for heterogeneous weldments between creep-resisting ferritic steels and austenitic steels for use at high temperatures. If necessary, stress relief may be carried out.

· Repair welding on “hard-to-weld” steels


AWS A 5.11 EN ISO 14172: Werkstoff Nr.
ENiCrFe-3* ENi 6182 (NiCr15Fe6Mn)* 2.4807 *There is no EN ISO classification system available for nickel-base flux-cored wires. The deposit meets the composition requirements and mechanical properties of the corresponding nickel-base SMAW electrodes.

Richtanalyse (%)

C Mn Si Cr Nb Fe Ni
0.01 6.0 0.3 17.0 1.7 6.0 Rest

Mechanische eigenschappen

Rm (MPa) Rp0.2 (MPa) A5 (%) KCV (J)
610 380 45 -196°C: 90


Argon+ 5-25% CO2 (M21)


Diameter [mm] Current type Intensity [A] Voltage [V] Stick-out [mm] Gas flow
1.2 DC (+) 130-250 24-32 12-25 10 - 20 l/min
1.6 DC (+) 150-300 24-32 12-25 10 - 20 l/min


EN ISO 6947: PA, PB

ASME IX: 1G, 1F, 2F

Verpakkingen & Diameters

Diameters [mm] 1.2 - 1.6
Verpakking(en) Spool BS300
Gewicht [Kg] 15
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