Description & applications

Electrode for cutting and piercing of all industrial metals and alloys including stainless steels, cast iron and Cu alloys. Strong blowing characteristic to remove metal with high efficiency. Smooth and uniform cut.

The surface will be carbureted, remove 0,1mm by grinding if necessary.

Piercing of holes, elimination of screws, …

Packaging data

Dimension 3.2x450 4.0x450
Electr. / packet 155 100
Electr. / carton 620 400
Kg 1000 electr. 42 65
Packets / carton 4 4
Kg / packet 6.5 6.5
Kg / carton 26 26


A 130-180 170-230

Welding Instructions

Position work piece that the molten metal can run off. Select the electrode diameter according to the metal thickness, e.g. 3,2mm for base metal 5mm. Put electrode into the holder, set sufficient amperage and press slightly against parent metal. To proceed use an up and down moving motion. For piercing holes, strike the arc and push in and out until the arc burns through and the hole is finished.

= -

~ 45V

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