BF 25

Agglomerated Welding Flux

Description & applications

Versatile flux for joint welding and surfacing with appropriate solid or flux-cored wire electrodes of stainless CrNi(Mo)-types, mainly austenitic- and DUPLEX-qualities, or Ni-base-alloys. Based on the selected raw-materials the weld deposits achieved with the flux BF 25 are neutral with respect to Mn, Si and other alloying elements such as Cr and Ni. The flux is suitable for SAW of butt and fillet welds, mainly fin-to-tube wall fillet welds, with single and multiple wire processes (for example TWIN-ARC). Smooth weld bead appearance with flat weld interfaces and self deslagging without slag residuals, are other special features of BF 25. Uniform mechanical and chemical property performance make BF 25 flux suitable for many SAW-applications in the stainless and heat-resistant steel fabrication.


EN 760

Typical weld metal composition (%)

SiO2 Al2O3 CaO + MgO CaF2
10 50 15 20


25 kg PE-bags

Application Instructions

BF 25 can be used for joining and surfacing of components for chemical plants and constructions of austenitic and fully austenitic stainless steels in combination with standard wire electrodes according to EN 12072 or special qualities such as S 19 13 4 L (1.4438) = AWS ER317L, S20 25 5 Cu L (1.4519) = AWS ER 385 or DUPLEX (Austenite-Ferrite) wire S 22 9 3 NL (1.4462) = AWS ER2209 and NiCr(Mo)-alloyed wire electrodes such as S NiCr20Mn3Nb (2.4806) = AWS ERNiCr-3, S NiCr22Mo9Nb (2.4831) = AWS ERNiCrMo-3, S 27 31 4 Cu L (1.4563) = AWS ER 322. Especially suitable for fillet welding in fin-tube wall fabrication of high heat-resistent steels such as Incolloy® types and joining of 9% Ni-steels together with S NiCr22Mo9N wire. BF 25 is also very suitable for hard facing applications using Cr-CrMo-wires, including metal powder-cored wires (MPCW) and sintered strips.

Flux Type


Flux Density

0.95 kg / dm³

Grain Size

2-20 ; Tyler 8 x 65

Current-Carrying Capacity

1000 A (DC or AC) using one wire

Storage and redrying

The flux can be stored up to 3 years after delivery in dry storage rooms. Flux that has picked up moisture has to be redried at 150 to 250°C effective flux temperature.

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