FCW Sub 312

Metal cored stainless steel wire for gas shielded arc welding

Description & applications

•Metal cored stainless steel wire for gas shielded arc welding

•29% chromium - 9% nickel deposit

•Enhanced productivity, improved weldability, better wetting properties compared to solid wires

•Excellent weld metal quality and X-ray soundness

Its high alloy content and high ferrite ratio allow FCW Sub 312 to benefit from extreme tolerance to hot cracking and to dilution with a wide range of base materials. Preheat can often be avoided or minimised. The weld deposit workhardens and gives good wear and friction resistance.


•Welding stainless steels of similar composition or ferritic stainless steels.

•Joining stainless steels to mild and low-alloyed steels.

•Buffer layers before hardsurfacing.

•Maintenance on « hard-to-weld steels ».

•Welding high carbon hardenable steels, of known or unknown composition and generally most of steels subject to cracking such as tool steels, manganese steels, spring steels and high-speed steels.


ASME IIC SFA 5.9 / AWS A 5.9 EN ISO 17633-A
EC312 T 29 9 M M 1

Typical weld metal composition (%)

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo S P
0.03 1.50 0.55 28.5 9.00 0.40 0.008 0.015

All weld metal mechanical properties

Rm [MPa] Rp0.2% [MPa] A5 [%] KCV [J]
800 610 25 +20°C : 40

Shielding gas

EN ISO 14175 M13 Ar + 0.5 % < O2 ≤ 3.0 with or without Helium

Operating conditions

Current type Gas flow rate Stick out Recovery
DC(+) / pulsed 10-20 l/min. 12-25 mm 98 %

Welding positions

EN ISO 6947: PA, PB.

ASME IX: 1G, 1F, 2F.

FCW Sub 312 is primarily used in the flat and horizontal-vertical positions. However, welds in other positions are also possible using the short-circuiting or pulsed arc modes of transfer.

Packings & Diameters

Diameters [mm] 1.2 - 1.6 mm
Packing(s) Spool BS 300
Weight [Kg] 15 kg
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