FCW 414N-O

Nitrogen bearing open arc wire for cladding of continuous casting rolls

Description & applications

Nitrogen bearing open arc wire for cladding of continuous casting rolls.

Nitrogen-containing 13% Cr martensitic stainless steel weld deposit optimised for corrosion resistance.

The alloy has high hardness and excellent wear and galling resistance.

Ferritic-martensitic stainless steel weld deposit with excellent resistance to thermal fatigue.


The fully martensitic microstructure provides outstanding tempering resistance, wear resistance, excellent response to thermal fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.

Extensively used as a cladding alloy for rebuilding various steel mill rolls subject to repetitive thermal stresses, corrosion and metal-to-metal wear.


Typical applications include cladding of continuous caster rolls and certain rolls used in hot rolling applications, steam turbine components, valve seats, valve gates, valve wedges, safety valves etc...


EN 14700 DIN 8555
T Fe7 CZ MF 5 GF 45 CZ

Typical weld metal composition (%)

C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo N, Nb, V Fe
0.10 1.00 1.00 13.00 4.00 1.00 + Bal.

All weld metal mechanical properties

Hardness - 3 Layer deposit
As welded : 40-44 HRc

Shielding gas

Current type DC (+)
Shielding Self shielded

Operating conditions

Diameter [mm] Amperage [A] - Range Voltage [V] – Range Stick Out [mm]
1.6 150-300 26-32 15-30
2.4 250-350 25-27 25-30

Welding positions

Flat, half up, half down

Packings & Diameters

Diameters [mm] ≤ 2.4 mm ≥ 2.4 mm ≥ 2.4 mm
Packing(s) Spool Coil Drum
Weight [Kg] 15 kg 25 kg 330 kg
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