Phosbraz E80+

Manual brazing: High Fluidity CuP

Description & applications

The higher phosphorus ratio and the higher fluidity.

This alloy with an excellent fluidity has a low melting range. It is recommended when brazing spare parts requires high capillarity. Specially indicated for capillary brazing of miscellaneous tubes and connections with narrow gaps or joints with tight fit-up.

It can also be used on cuprous alloys (bronze, brass) with our Phosbraz flux.

As all CuP, it is self-fluxing on red coppers.

Rods of Ø 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 - 3 mm, standard length 500 mm. Other dimensions on request. Also available in wire.


EN ISO 17672 DIN 8513
CuP 182 L-Cu P8

Typical weld metal composition (%)

Cu P
92.0 8.0

All weld metal mechanical properties

Rm (MPa) A (%) d (g/cm) Density (Kg/m³) R.daN/mm²
400 2 8 8000 40
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