Phosbraz M60

Manual brazing: CuP Special Pitting

Beschrijvingen & toepassingen

Alloy with a controlled fluidity, specially made for strong brazing of pitting, pipes and fit up, with large joint gaps.

Its low phosphorus content makes it relatively sluggish. Alloy with self-fluxing properties when joining copper to copper.

It can be used on cuprous alloys (bronze, brass) with our Phosbraz flux.

Rods of Ø 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 - 3 mm, standard length 500 mm. Other dimensions on request. Also available in wire.


EN ISO 17672 DIN 8513
CuP 179 L-Cu P6

Richtanalyse (%)

Cu P
94.0 6.0

Mechanische eigenschappen

Rm (MPa) A (%) d (g/cm) Density (Kg/m³) R.daN/mm²
550 6 8.1 8100 55
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